Common FHA Required Repairs

This is not a complete list of all required repairs. For more information on all required repairs, please see the HUD handbook, as well as all subsequent mortgage letters. These repairs are not listed in any subsequent order.

1. Utilities not on at time of appraisal inspection

  • The utilities must always be verified for FHA transactions
    • Example: water heater
    • Appraiser liability
  • Water: turned on at street and in house
    • Common problems:
      • Leaking pipes
      • Toilets not working
      • Etc.
  • Gas: turned on outside the home, and inside the home
    • Common problems:
      • Stove not working
      • Unable to test the water heater
      • Unable to test the furnace
  • Electric
    • Common problems:
      • Lights not working (light bulb issues)
      • Fixtures hanging from power source
      • Uncovered outlets
      • Faulty electrical work (improperly terminated wiring)

2. Peeling paint

  • Homes built prior to 1979
    • All peeling paint must be:
      • Thoroughly scraped or power washed
      • All dislodged paint chips gathered and properly disposed of
      • All scraped areas and areas of uncovered wood must be repainted
      • This applies to any painted improvement:
        • Fences
        • Chicken coop
        • Shed
        • Deck
        • Etc.
  • Homes built from 1979 to present
    • All areas of uncovered or untreated wood must be covered or treated

3. Windows: Cracked v Broken

  • Cracked windows may be repaired
  • Broken windows must be replaced
    • Example: double pane windows with only 1 broken pane

4. Water heater is not strapped

  • Must be secured to a permanent improvement in case of seismic activity

5. Shed or garage is locked, attic or crawl space is blocked

  • All areas must be inspected

6. Anything in the REPC

7. Anything on a new home that isn’t complete